Replacement of East Monobuoy in crude oil Terminal, Jose Antonio Anzoategui (TAECJAA).

Replacement and Installation of eleven Marine Loading Arms and installation of Control System for Gas Emissions in North and South Platform of Crude Oil Terminal Jose Antonio Anzoategui (TAECJAA).

Dismantling and assembling of Marine Loading Arms at Dock No. 4, Guaraguao Marine Terminal.

Removing Emergency Walkways in Jetty 7, Guaraguao Marine Terminal.

Dismantling and Assembly of Loading Arm No. 3 in Jetty 7 of Guaraguao Marine Terminal.

Electro submergible pumping Infrastructure system for EP­01 and BP­03 wells.

Replacement of Loading Arm # 8 platform No 9 of the Jose Fractioning Plant.

Assembly and installation of Marine Loading Arm No. 9 in the Jose offshore Marine Terminal Jetty 9.

Assembly and installation of Marine Loading Arm No.1, offshore in Jetty # 8, Jose Marine Terminal.

Transportation, installation and commissioning of four Marine Loading Arms at Jetty No. 4 in Bullenbaai Oil Terminal, Curacao


Connection of well lines of five (5) wells 1B and production, expansion phase manifold in the wellhead platform WHP 69 Infrastructure associated with system electro submergible pump wells EP­02.

Interconnection well line CGP­29 (EP04) from its head to position “G” of production manifold at wellhead platform WHP.

Dismantling and assembling of Gas Flare at Jose Fractioning Plant.

Removal of eleven Marine Loading Arms on jetties 1 and 2 in El Palito Refinery Project­Rampa.

Repairs to the loading arm No. 2 in jetty No. 5, Guaraguao Marine Terminal. Removal and Installation of Loading Arms No. 2 ­ Ǿ 12 ”

Replacement of Marine Loading Arm No. 4 and removal of Marine Loading Arm # 1 by sea in Jose Terminal.

Connection of wells with manifolds and additional work on drilling platform – Corocoro Project PETROSUCRE.

EPC lines connecting the B101 wells from the wellhead to the production manifold on the wellhead platform WHP­ Corocoro Project ­ PETROSUCRE.

Fabrication and installation of isometrics on drilling platform ­ Corocoro Project ­ PETROSUCRE.

Dismantling, mobilization and assembly of eight Marine Loading Arms­Terminal BOPEC (Island of Bonaire).


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