Consultoría de Ingeniería y Proyectos NF C.A. was established in Caracas, Venezuela on December 2, 2005. Today, 10 years later, we have offices in Venezuela, Colombia, Panama and Curacao.

Ingeproyec NF, is directed by Eng. Jaime Camargo, Master’s Degree in Port Engineering, Road Engineer with a major’s specializing in Ports as well as Multiple Management Courses at International Universities and The CIED. His dream is to contribute to the assurance of the supply of crude oil to ships efficiently, safely as well as protecting the environment, so it can reach its final destination in international markets.

NF has grown, thanks to its experience and expertise in assembly, disassembly and maintenance of Marine Loading Arms in Venezuela and the Caribbean Islands. Today we work with all the brands of Marine Loading Arms used in the region, as well as Monobuoys. Our flagship project: Replacement of East Monobuoy in the TAECJAA.

All this is made possible thanks to our main asset, our people, our own equipment and strategic alliances.


Av. Bolívar de Lecheria, Centro Empresarial NF
Lechería Edo. Anzoategui
Teléfono: +58 281 281.82.52
E.: [email protected]
RIF.: J-31466899-4


Cundinamarca, Chia
Número de Registro: RUC. 900935123


World Trade Center, piso 8, oficina 80
Urb. Miramar. Ciudad de Panamá
Teléfono: +507 3029430
Número de Registro: RU-627273-1. 455809DV4


Mahaai Business Center. Angloweg 1
Willemstad. Curaçao
Teléfono: +5999 6696282
Número de Registro: 124483